Construction Equipment & Materials Handling

Equipment for Construction

It’s been many decades since men with shovels built houses. In the sixties every building site was adorned with a mandatory JCB for all the the groundworks, heavy lifting and earthworks.

The backhoe combined with a large front bucket is the builders friend. Flexible and multipurpose, the backhoe loader is a very versatile tool.

On the modern construction site however, a backhoe loader isn’t the only piece of machinery in use. More commonly, bulldozers, loaders, forklifts, hoists, grab lifts etc. are all seen increasingly often.

These machines are frequently hired for specific construction projects, allowing builders to control their costs and manage the build effectively.

Hiring and leasing of plant is for many the best way to retain capital, and increase their profits.

Many owned outright machines have a degree of downtime. Any machine that isn’t working is costing you money. Maximising the hours it is being used is the key to profitability, be it on a construction site, recycling plany, landfill site or anywhere else for that matter.

In the recycling industry, most machines have a constant supply of work constantly being delivered to site, ready for processing, so reliability of equipment is the most important factor.

On construction sites, machines tend to have periods of use. Forklifts aren’t generally needed as much until the building starts to grow in height….. except for unloading of materials of course.

Your JCB or CASE equivalent can perform many of the tasks on most building sites. A quick change of bucket for forks allows small construction sites to use flexible equipment, with demolition concrete hammers, cutters etc. you can carry out most jobs with one machine.

Smash old footings and buildings, dig footings and move earth, dig drainage etc.

Save money and cost on your construction project with flexible machines designed to work for you.

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