New Drivers | Pass Your Driving Test

Pass Your Driving Test

There is lots to learn before you can pass your driving test. The test itself is split into two parts. Firstly you need to take a theory test. Once you have successfully passed that test, you can take your practical driving test.

Once you have passed both parts of the test you will be a fully qualified driver with a full UK driving licence.

To learn everything you need to know it is important to seek tuition from one of the more professional driving schools. Professional instructors will make certain that you learn the correct techniques and information that you will need.

Passing your test isn’t just about car control, it is about reading the road, anticipating obstacles and dangers and driving safely and confidently.

New Drivers

Once you pass your driving test, you will be considered to be a ‘New Driver’. You will have a few restrictions imposed upon you for the first two years from the date you pass your driving test.

The biggest difference between a new driver and other more experienced drivers is that for the first 24 months you will only have 6 points available on your driving licence before facing a ban, and a complete resit of your test.

If you are awarded 6 or more penalty points then, your driving licence is effectively cancelled, and you will be required to have more driving lessons and resit both parts of your test again.

Getting 6 points on your licence is not particularly difficult either. Two speeding offences, just a few miles an hour over the limit, will give you 3 points per offence. Getting caught without insurance will earn you 6 points instantly, a bald tyre is 3 points as is not wearing your seat belt.

A few seeingly minor indiscretions can see you losing your entitlement to drive so it’s important that you are very careful in your first two years especially.

It is essential that you learn how to drive safely from expert instructors who will give you the skills that you need not only to pass, but to keep your licence going forwards.

Choose Bennetts Driving School and learn from the best and be safe on the road.

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