Future Proof Online Marketing

How To Protect Your Website From Disaster

It’s never been more important to rank well in Google for the terms and phrases that relate to the goods or services that you sell.

It’s no coincidence that hand in hand with that, it’s never been more complex to get to the top of Google where the good traffic volumes live.

Despite many alleged experts forecasting the end of search engine optimization, describing SEO as impossible to perform, that just isn’t the case.

While the rules of internet marketing have changed considerably, it’s still not only possible to manipulate the top results, but in some ways even easier to actually do it.

Yes, it’s very true that google is more than willing to penalise low quality content and low quality linking practices, it is however more than happy to reward good quality SEO, good quality content, supported by high quality back links from relevant, high trust and authority websites.

Paid Links & Marketing

Google doesn’t link blatantly paid for links, especially those that have an affect on their search results. Paid links make it too easy for a website owner to promote their site organically which is their main objection.

If you are looking to buy high quality backlinks for your site, e careful of the links that you buy. Technically, any link (even where there is a payment in kind) can be considered to be a paid link, however, there are millions of examples online of top ranking sites using paid links to rank well.

Many Webmasters are running scared of doing anything to anger the Google Gods, leading to them abiding by every rule Google have written, and consequently not rankings very highly, not attracting any visitors and not achieving very much at all.

Unfortunately, if you follow Google best practice to the letter of the law then you are destined to disappointment.

Different types of paid links exist, and while its important to avoid paid links that appear on pages which include any text along the lines of “Buy a Link Here”, there are many other opportunities to build up a strong backlink portfolio on sites that don’t look like they sell links at all.


Online Security – Don’t Take Chances

Online Security

One of the biggest dangers of online security failure, is a lack of application of an age old (yes, even before the computer came along!) faculty, that is, common sense.

Common sense obviously will not protect against all online interference and cyber- attacks, but it is a good standard to start from.

It’s unlikely that you would let a complete stranger into your house, just because they Continue reading