Careless Driving – Without Due Care And Attention


Careless driving can be defined as either driving without due care and attention, or driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 3) states that it is an offence to be guilty of driving a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place “without due care and attention”. This also includes Continue reading Careless Driving – Without Due Care And Attention

Future Proof Online Marketing

How To Protect Your Website From Disaster

It’s never been more important to rank well in Google for the terms and phrases that relate to the goods or services that you sell.

It’s no coincidence that hand in hand with that, it’s never been more complex to get to the top of Google where the good traffic volumes live.

Despite many alleged experts forecasting the end of search engine optimization, describing SEO as impossible to perform, that just isn’t the case.

While the rules of internet marketing have changed considerably, it’s still not only possible to manipulate the top results, but in some ways even easier to actually do it.

Yes, it’s very true that google is more than willing to penalise low quality content and low quality Continue reading Future Proof Online Marketing

Online Security – Don’t Take Chances

Online Security

One of the biggest dangers of online security failure, is a lack of application of an age old (yes, even before the computer came along!) faculty, that is, common sense.

Common sense obviously will not protect against all online interference and cyber- attacks, but it is a good standard to start from.

It’s unlikely that you would let a complete stranger into your house, just because they Continue reading Online Security – Don’t Take Chances